Oldest Anarchy Server on Minecraft

  • Always the latest version
  • No rules or admins
  • FitMC approved


Utter chaos

Anarchy servers are known for it's chaotic environment and this server isn't any different.

  • Old map running the latest version
  • Spawn random in a 1000 block radius
  • No teleporting or other nonsense


Knowing what this server is all about
IP: Roshan.wtf


Zero rules, chat might be toxic and it's free for all
You're allowed to cheat


This server always uses the latest version of Java edition and you need a paid account


Players receive $2.17 per hour and can use this virtual currency to pay other online players


Know exactly what changes we make and post your suggestions on our forums

Priority Queue

A special rank to support the server with small benefits.

If you enjoy playing on our server, you can purchase a priority rank.

  • Be first in the queue, skip other players if the server is full
  • Receive $3.49 per hour
  • Have an aqua-colored name to show others your support

We strictly use Ethereum (╬×) for payments. This is a digital cryptocurrency that is widely used by millions.


One Month


  • A single month of Priority Queue
  • Support the server
  • All benefits
  • Receive OP
  • Free taco
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Six Months


  • Six months of Priority Queue
  • Greatly support the server
  • Receive $3,49 per hour
  • Aqua name
  • Big PP
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